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We provide several reports:

Managing your financial life

Marriage and money

Paying for college

Money doesn’t grow on trees…teaching kids about money

Dealing with divorce

What to do if you lose your job

Moving day

Emergency planning guide

Affordable Care Act

So, you’re thinking about retirement?

Retirement and social security

Retirement and Medicare

Planning your estate

Planning for children with special needs

When a loved one dies

Managing your inheritance

Protecting your business

Business continuation

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Medicare and Healthcare in Retirement

Most people spend more on healthcare in retirement than many other things. One study says a 65-year old couple will spend $265,000 during their lifetime. This includes insurance premiums and out of pocket cost, but does not include any long-term care expenses. Watch this workshop to learn where you may be spending more than necessary. Take control and manage these expenses.


Savy Social Security of Women

Get answers on how to maximize your Social Security income and be prepared for the special challenges and opportunities that women face. This seminar provides valuable information that will enhance your retirement.