Empowered Women USA

Retirement Strategies

When planning retirement, the first step is always an income plan. How much do you need to meet monthly expenses and how much do you need to follow your Dream Board. You worked all of your life to get to retirement and now we want you to enjoy it. The number one fear of many seniors is running out of money. We have a number of different strategies that can provide you the funds you need and desire. Other major concerns may be health care expenses, taxes, charitable contributions, inflation and enjoying time with friends and family.

To make your retirement the best it can be, we have developed a process to help find optimal solutions. Our process accounts for many of the surprises that we experience along life’s path so surprises are good and not devastating. We want you to fulfill your Bucket List.

Our Family Estate Organizer helps your maintain your financial records in an easy and organized way to make it easier for your children and other beneficiaries. We help make sure you do not unintentionally dis-inherit any grandchildren and help to lower probate costs. These things do not happen by themselves. Our process helps to automate them and make your life more enjoyable.

Tax planning is an important part of our process. We want to reduce taxes paid on Social Security and defuse other tax time bombs. Without proper planning your Medicare Part B premiums could be much higher. Our distribution planning helps you select which funds to tap first so that you pay lower taxes and leave more to your loved ones.

People do not plan to fail, they fail to plan. Let us help you make the best solutions possible. You deserve the best!